High Drolic Plough

Salient Features: --

  • 1. Tested By CIAE ICAR Unit Bhopal
  • 2. Reversible plough has automatic furrow changing system.
  • 3. Easy to operate.
  • 4. Easy to attach and detach.
  • 5. Wear resistant shear bar and shear blade used in reversible plough and mould board plough.
  • 6. Strong and sturdy main frame made from heavy flate.
  • 7. Reversible plough is available in different models 2 bottem, 3 bottem. High Drolic Type & Manual Type Model.
  • 8. Fuel and time saving device for large ploughing operations.
  • 9. Optional lateral guidance of shear blade. Does not leave spaces in soil between soil upturns.
  • 10.Maintains the moisture holding capacity of the soil and eliminates weeds to ensure uniform germination of seed .